As if it were a great game of construction, life is made up of small pieces “elements” that were occasioned and are still occasioning inside the stars.

"We are a stardust”



Enjoy the night and the secrets of the deep sky… in an activity where science and mythology go hand in hand.  


A space simulator will take us on a trip across the universe, we will talk about the theories that explain their formation, we will see how born and die the stars and how that elements that define life as we know, are formed inside them. 


The telescope will allow us to observe different nebulas, clusters (opened/globular), galaxies,  binary stars systems and many other other astronomical objects. 


Finally, science leaves small space to the mythology, with the laser, we will recognise the constellations and we will finish with a session of dramatitzed  mythology. Let the show begin!


An activity that introduces you the stars, beyond... far beyond the fireballs. We will see how they originate, how they evolve and how inside them, thorough thermonuclear reactions, different elements are formed. Those elements that somehow, they organise and end up generating life ... and consciousness.

The activity combines a digital planetary session with a direct observation with a solar telescope (h-alpha), which allows us to see the photosphere, the granular surface  and  some solar  prominences.


We will take your dramatizing astronomy activity wherever you ask. We move with all the material (space simulator + telescope). Ideal for groups: birthday parties or different meetings with peers. You gift science and performing arts, knowledge and fun; all in one activity… An activity that is sure to become an experience of proximity to the cosmos.


Science at home / school.



Discovering the Sun.



Nature inside


We will accompany you through different routes in Nature, we will interpret the landscape (geology), we will know the biodiversity (flora and fauna) and we will see how it relates to its environment (ecological features).

The Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park: Half-day activities to get to know and understand the high biodiversity that characterizes the park. 


Wildlife activities: At sunrise / sunset, with the help of terrestrial telescopes, we go out to observe the fauna of the territory. We will know the ecological and biological aspects and the main adaptations of some of the typical species of the region.

Deer matting period (autumn): Meetings at strategic points to listen to the rut of the deer. We will take telescopes in case we have the possibility to observe the deer roaring live.

Night fauna (summer): Meetings to get to know the life of the animals at night. We will know the adaptations and we will hear sounds of the main species of birds, mammals, amphibians and bats that we can find in the region.

Esperes de fauna:brama 4.JPG

Naturalist talks

Environmental dissemination talks, accompanied by pictures, movies and other support materials. The aim is to share knowledge in the most entertaining way without ever losing any scientific rigor.


Forgotten Amazonia: We value the exuberant Nature of an amazonian region (Rondônia), but we won't stay jsut here. We will get to know about communities of hunter-gatherers who live in the jungle, protected by organizations (FUNAI ICMBIO) that watch over their well-being. We will know the direct effects of excessive deforestation on the environment and we will see some environmental improvements to protect some "key" ecosystems for the biodiversity of the region.


Mycology: We propose a "trip" to the world of fungi, organisms as unknown as they are exciting. We will look at the classification and the main characteristics of some groups. In a global vision we will talk about those who are eaten, those who are toxic, those who produce diseases, those who have conditioned the course of history and finally those who have practical applications such as mico-remediation.

we will finish with a mushroom growing workshop, It will help us to understand the processes involved i their life cycle.

Cuiol Nature                                                                                              Salvador Puigmartí Puig