"There is something more important than information, your pleasure in communicating this information"

The course


  • There will be a brief introduction on pleasure, we will understand it in a broad sense, which goes far beyond debauchery and can be present in any activity or work, improving significantly its quality. The pleasure will be a beacon in the workshop, in the realization of the activities: we will work very hard to influence this aspect.


  • Complicity. To know how to listen and read the audience, the situation and, above all, the failure it is something basic and indispensable. We will do exercises to work on sensitivity, to be attentive to what is happening in our environment during our "performance".


  • Scenic freedom is basic to be able to act with pleasure. We will propose exercises of lack of inhibition designed to:

    • To gain confidence to express oneself freely.

    • To manage the fear of ridicule.

    • To understand failure as the best ally of a communicator.

    • To create connections and confidence with the group.



  • We will discover the importance of having or establishing a "game" between the speaker and the audience. This is a subtext that gives life to the word.



  • To know how to show a comfortable silence before an audience (indispensable). 



  • ​We will work on those aspects that help to improve the "image" and the scenic presence:

    • Exercises to learn to keep still as well as fully active.

    • Exercises to know and work the ability to focus the focal point.

    • Exercises to introduce yourself in public.


  • Surprising the audience is often a good (although not the only one) resource to keep their attention; changes of pace open up doors to this possibility.

  • Exercises to be conscious and to control/play voluntarily with the rhythm to keep the attention of an audience.

This is a workshop aimed at all those people (restless, nonconformists, brave ...) who want to delve into their communication skills. It is an innovative method of disclosure, based on the integration of those techniques, elements and concepts of the performing arts, which go beyond words and improve communication between a speaker and his audience. Highly recommended for those who work in areas of disclosure or education.


This workshop is the result of more than 10 years of trajectory in the performing arts, the realization of workshops (France, USA and Berlin) with professionals like Avner Eisenberg, Eric de Bon't, Jos Houben, Lilo Baur, Linda Kerr Scott or Mick Barnfather and the stay in one of the most recognized schools of theater internationally: International School of Professional Theater Philippe Gaulier in Paris.

Are you ready to suffer?... It is the charismatic welcome of monsieur Philippe Gaulier to his students the first day of class. As time goes by, we understand what he refers to: the process of divesting oneself of assurances, theories and philosophies about theatre. It is through the accumulation of failures and more failures that one learns something very basic: PLEASURE to be on stage, FREEDOM to express oneself from within and IMAGINATION. All these elements are indispensable to prepare better actors / actresses or communicators... They are elements that catch the attention of the audience. 



Work to find the pleasure of being on stage and the freedom of being able to show it.

Explore what each person has essential / authentic and bring it to the field of disclosure to give it a designation of origin ... In other words: to find your own disseminator.

Know and integrate techniques of the performing arts in the disclosure (rhythm, presence, complicity, pauses, fixed point ...).

Learn to relate to failure, this relationship is for a communicator what the polar star was for sailors. A good relationship with failure makes a performance ooze humanity and sometimes becomes sublime, remaining forever in the retina of the viewer.



Performing arts at the service of disclosure

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